10 years of jail for the German IS bride who let a Yazidi girl enslaved in Iraq die of thirst

A German woman and former member of the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS) group was given on Monday a 10-year prison sentence by a Munich court for letting a Yazidi girl enslaved in Iraq die of thirst.

The defendant was “found guilty of aiding and abetting crimes against humanity through enslavement, attempted murder and aiding and abetting the war crime of attempted murder by omission, and membership in a foreign terrorist organisation,” according to a statement released by the plaintiffs’ lawyers.

The child and her mother were among thousands of Yazidi women and girls abducted and sold to ISIS as slaves. They were being held captive by Jennifer W. and her husband and forced to work under dire conditions over several months in 2015, the girl’s mother told the court. The husband would beat them, the mother said, while Jennifer W. did nothing to stop him.

Prosecutors said the girl died at the couple’s home in Falluja, Iraq. She was being punished for wetting the bed, her mother said.

It is one of the first cases of an IS crime against the Yazidi community going to trial. 

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