100-year anniversary of Verdun: why centre right and Front National leaders are indignant?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande marked the 100-year anniversary of the Battle of Verdun side-by-side on Sunday, laying a wreath at a cemetery in northeastern France for the 300,000 soldiers killed. (France24)

The commemoration included also 3,400 French and German children, all born after 2000 to symbolise the 21st century, running out of the woods, feign combat, death and resurrection between the graves of soldiers death during the battle (watch video below).

At Verdun, the show is jogging among the graves. This is indecent, really indecent” writes in a tweet the President of  Front National Marine Le Pen. 

Also the rising star of Front National Marion Maréchal-Le Pen accused the “socialists who organized the celebration” of a fall of respect for “our ancestors“.

Also the spokesman of centre right Les Republicains commented negatively the cerimony: “Indecenct and of bad taste. This should have been a moment of dignity!”.

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