17% of Germans and 15% of Americans think TTIP is a good thing, poll finds

A majority in Germany disapproves of the planned TTIP agreement. 33 % have a negative opinion of TTIP, with only 17 % considering it a good thing. In the United States, opinion is split, with 15 % in favor and 18% against. In both countries, however, a high proportion of the survey participants did not feel that they were sufficiently well-informed, the percentages being 46% in the United States and 30 % in Germany. In this respect, opinions have become considerably more negative.

Two years ago, 55 % of Germans and 53 % of Americans were in favor of TTIP, with disapproval levels being 25 % (Germany) and 20 % (United States) respectively. Furthermore, at that time respondents did not feel as uncertain, with only 8 % of Germans and 14 % of Americans considering themselves not sufficiently well informed. At the same time, there is great interest in TTIP, both among Germans (52 %) and Americans (44 %)

Data by Berelsmann Stiftung

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