70% of Italians don’t trust the EU, new survey says. And Spanish think the same

The popularity of the EU is dramatically falling in Italy and Spain during the coronavirus crisis.

About 70% of Italian say they don’t trust the European Union, according to a poll published on Monday by La Repubblica. Among those, 49% of Italians trust the EU just a little bit while 21% don’t trust it at all.

Previously, the head of the European Commission Ursula con der Leyen apologised to Italy for a lack of solidarity from Europe in tackling its coronavirus crisis, but promised greater help in dealing with the economic fallout. But this move didn’t change the opinion of Italians. Even the Financial Times asked if Europe is losing Italy.

A very similar situation is taking place in Spain. Only 19% of Spanish people approve the work of the EU and the way it is facing the crisis, according to an April poll by Metroscopia.

One of the main reason for this disappointment is the lack of solidarity and the refusal to issue eurobonds to face the economic crisis.

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