Abortion Ad uses picture of disabled girl without permission and the heroic mom obliges Twitter to block troll outrage

An abortion advocate used a picture of a child with facial deformity without seeking permission, and the child’s parents are fighting back. “Someone had been using my child’s image to promote eugenics. She was the poster child of who should be aborted and doesn’t deserve healthcare,” the girl’s mother Natalie Weaver told WHAS11 News.

Sophia suffers from Rett syndrome, a rare neurological disorder that affects a child’s ability to eat, speak, walk and breathe. The nine-year-old was also born with an unknown syndrome that has caused facial deformities.

Natalie Weaver who slammed the platform for not promptly clamping down on an account that used an image of her daughter Sophia in a pro-eugenics abortion tweet. After initially refusing Weaver’s request to suspend the account, Twitter eventually pulled the account Fox News reports.

Weaver, of Cornelius, North Carolina, is no stranger to internet trolls. Two years ago, a proposed policy change regarding Medicaid in her home state prompted her to be more outspoken about her daughter’s condition.
The horrifying messages started rolling in.
“People, they seek you out and want to hurt you,” says Weaver, who also has two younger children. “There are people who go out of their way to make sure you see their cruelty. I get people telling me to kill my child, to put her out of her misery.”
In November, Weaver received a particularly vile tweet: A photo of her daughter, along with a paragraph advocating for coerced abortion and practices tantamount to eugenics.
“Yea it is okay to think that every thing matters however a lot of them do not hence the amnio test,” read a message attached to the tweet. (The “amnio test” refers to amniotic testing, which can sometimes alert expectant parents to abnormalities in a developing fetus.)
The post went on to suggest that parents who do not choose to abort a fetus found with abnormalities should pay for “all bills accrued after that.”
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