Why The European Post?

Reading the pages of the main European newspapers, it is not unusual to see that most of them have the same headlines or treat the main topics all in the same way. We are too used to a mainstream view on current affairs: The European Post wants to help challenge that and to change the way in which events are seen, by positioning itself outside the traditional frame of the media landscape.

Our goal is to provide a unique perspective on current events – challenging existing mainstream media narratives, so that the important “unseen” realities underlying the key news stories of the day become “seen,” changing the terms of key debates.

The European Post, as an independent monthly magazine, wants to offer to its readers a different view on the current affairs. We want to defy the idea of a single-thought mindset and of the political correctness we face today. This undermining of the freedom of thought and expression in today’s modern society is what The European Post is challenging through articles, columns and interviews on political, philosophical, legal and religious topics. We want to provoke a debate that can help reconstruct a more value-based Europe, not afraid of its roots, its history or its heritage.

The mission of The European Post is grounded in the belief that the prime lens through which events should be viewed – and judged – is not party politics, institutional structures, or even overall GDP growth. These are means, which all too easily can become self-defeating ends. Rather, our focus will be on the interests of citizens of Europe, as reflected in the things of prime interest to them: the health of their families, local communities, places of work, regions, and then nations as they come together within the EU.

The “unconventionality” of The European Post can be understood from its upstream history: first a Twitter account, then a news portal and now a printed magazine. The opposite way all other media have done it. Against all the conformist commercial trends, we wanted to come back to the traditional newspaper believing that paper has its value. Digital press is unquestionably spreading all around the globe but diving into tradition and having the possibility to touch the news has a completely different value.

In this spirit, we started this new initiative hoping to give our readers firm but not unfair opinions and positions, by seeking to help unsee the news and planting the seed of doubt in their mind.

gombacciMarco Gombacci