An open-letter to Trump from an European supporter: It’s your turn

Dear Donald, dear President in pectore,

cxkrk5-xgaa7fg2when I met you personally, even if only for a few minutes, I had an excellent human and personal impression of you, very different from the one described by the media in their usual boor massacre game driven by their own interest.

Now however, the electoral campaign is over and it’s your turn to not betray the trust of the enormous amount of Americans who voted for you. American of all ethnic groups and genders, contrary to what was the wrong impression of the European public opinion caused by media, as demonstrated by the many young people I met going out from the Trump Tower, the night of the elections, while they were celebrating you (“Hispanics for Trump”, “Muslims for Trump”, “Jews for Trump”, “women for Trump”).

It’s your turn not to prove wrong with facts all those conformists, moralists, often hypocrites, some of whom today are also demonstrating violently in front of your house “against” democracy, and who continue with a lying campaign against your political reform agenda.

It’s your turn to distance the United States from their despised role as “Policeman of the World”.  A role that in other historic time allowed for the defence of determined values on a global basis, but that today has become very often too cumbersome and hostile for America itself.

It’s your turn to reconnect with Russia, a relationship challenged by the former administration that has recreated a Cold War atmosphere.

It’s your turn to dismantle the Islamic state without those ambiguities and reticence seen until now, supporting Europe in destroying the terrorist danger which has become pressing.

It’s your turn to defend the “Made In” products in front of the unfair Chinese commercial invasion that does not take into account the basic human work rights.

It’s your turn to re-launch the commercial partnership with Europe, without disfavouring at any cost the European manufacturing in favour of the creative American finance, as is now happening with that agreement called TTIP.

It’s your turn to finally give some concrete answers to that tormented middle class, today in great difficulty due to an increasing discrepancy between production and salaries, damaging them, in addition to a fiscal pressure that is too high.

It’s your turn to oppose the illegal and clandestine immigration, also safeguarding the legal immigrants, but integrating as much as possible those already in the Country working honestly, not committing crimes, giving them the possibility to become “legal” immigrant.

It’s your turn to demonstrate that discrimination is not what some media and videos on social networks have accused you of, but that real discrimination is that of those who arrogantly define the Trump elector “stupid”, “ignorant” or “not educated”. That is real intolerance, which fortunately today is finally exposed. Your voters, as your supporters outside the United States, have been forced to hide, to disguise their personal ideas fearing “discrimination” from people around them or in the workplace (as a journalist from an important American newspaper told me in confidence).

It’s your turn to confirm that the charges of misogyny were nothing more than the result of a feminist campaign, which paradoxically was trying to hide with hypocrisy some facts – those regarding Bill Clinton, for example – through some innocent words which were extorted, and that everyone has presumably said once in a lifetime in a men’s locker room (often also by women!) or during a private conversation.

Finally, it’s your turn to concretely achieve the intentions that you have expressed in your first speech, very calm and conciliatory, after the victory proclamation: that you are everyone’s President, also those who did not vote for you (including some republicans). To unify instead of dividing, because an electoral campaign is one thing, with its games and its strategies, and governing a country and its people is another.

I am convinced that you will roll up your sleeves, as you always have as an entrepreneur with many successes and some useful failures, to demonstrate all the above and more; to prove wrong all concerns  of the skeptics of your election, to make sure that global geopolitics will finally have a new course of prosperity.

I wish you a good work, from a European citizen.

Carlo De Romanis, Vice-Presidente  of International Young Democrat Union

From Italian newspaper “L’Opinione