Anti-capitalist left group attack tourist bus to fight “mass tourism” in Barcelona

On Thursday, a group of masked individuals stopped an open-top tour bus packed with tourists close to the Camp Nou stadium, home to Barcelona FC, slashing one of its tires and then spraying “Tourism kills neighborhoods” on it, El Pais reports.

The radical group called Arran, which is linked to radical-left CUP party, which plays a key role in the municipal and regional governments in Catalonia.

Their acts were posted on Twitter with a message: “We are fed up with the occupation by tourist companies of the public space of the neighbourhood.”

The same radical left party also asked the expropriation of Barcelona Cathedral to make it a music school. The anti-capitalist group also affirms that the cathedral contributes “implicitly and explicitly” to the mass tourism invasion  of the old part of the city of Barcelona.