Anti-semitic road sign put up in Stamford Hill in London

A “disgustingroad sign warning people about the presence of Jews has been found attached to a lamppost in north London. The triangular sign, discovered in Stamford Hill on Monday, shows a silhouette of a traditionally-dressed Orthodox Jewish man with a bright red border around it, Evening Standard reports.

Barry Bard, Supervisor at Stamford Hill Shomrim said: “The sign has caused a lot of concern amongst local Jewish residents, especially as it is in such close proximity to a Synagogue. “The people of Stamford Hill are very sadly used to instances of anti-Semitic hate crime, but most of those times it will be verbal abuse or even assault.

The sign turned to be a ‘art project‘, BBC reports. Franck Allais, an artist placed 27 signs around London. He told BBC News he “completely regretted” any offence caused.