Are we witnessing a ‘new era’ of global relations with China? Experts say so

The Chinese Communist Party concluded its 19th congress. China Daily asked five prominent experts for their views on Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, which was introduced at the congress.
Here are the most important statements made by the experts:
The Belt and Road Initiative is a tremendous program that will positively influence the development of the global economy. The world needs the kind of leadership General Secretary Xi Jinping is proposing. This is a time for China to exert responsible leadership,” says Alan Barrell, professor at University of Cambridge.
China can do more to help the world stabilize. And I have no doubt whatsoever that under the leadership of General Secretary Xi Jinping it will faithfully fulfill its commitments,” Paolo Salom, editor of the international edition of Italy’s Evening Courier states.
China has a great deal to teach the world, and a lot to learn from the world, too. China has always been most successful when it was most open and transparent. Being willing to put out that message – that China is genuinely willing to be part of a cooperative international system and to make its own governance subject to openness and transparency – would be a major and important contribution,” Rana Mitter, director of the University of Oxford China Centre points out.

The Western media is always saying that China’s economy is going down, and it is 100 percent wrong. According to what I observe, China’s development has witnessed rapid progress since the reform and opening-up policy (launched in the late 1970s). In the past five years, China’s economy has met new trends and changes as the global economy has seen rapid changes. However, the country’s governance and Xi’s strategy are clear. The Chinese Dream and the Belt and Road Initiative will help China further develop,” according to Gennady Krivosheev, deputy director of the international department of Russia’s Interfax news agency

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