Armenia’s NGO laws dispute

Moscow’s push for Yerevan to adopt anti-NGO legislation is just the latest sign of its determination to mold Armenia into a loyal vassal that does its bidding with no questions asked, writes Armine Sahakyan, human rights activist based in Armenia, on Euractiv (24 March, click here for the full article). He continues saying: “Russia sees Armenian anti-NGO legislation as a way to ensure that its neighbor toes the Kremlin line.”

In response to the above article (which reflected the views of Armine Sahakyan, not of, the member of the Armenian Parliament and Chairman of the Youth of the Republican Party of Armenia Karen Avagyan,  told to The European Post:

“The reality is that Armenia has the most active and developed civil society sector in the region. Armenia recognizes that developed civil society is one of the guarantees of country’s progress, formed active civil society is one of our achievements, and on this issue we will not back off. Freedom of speech, which is an indicator of universal freedom, and is closely related to the NGO sector, is in the highest level in our region. Moreover, many programs are implemented for the NGO sector development, grants are provided and training courses are organized for NGO representatives. Many international organizations and thousands of local NGOs work and implement projects in Armenia. The Republic of Armenia has never been anyone’s colony. It is a sovereign state whose law is derived solely from the state interest and is intended to serve the needs of citizens”. He concluded: “The Republic of Armenia, while being a member of the EEC, has never denied the European values and its loyalty to those values“.

In the picture Yerevan, the capital of Armenia