Art Gallery removes pre-Raphaelite master piece of naked goddesses amid #metoo

One of the country’s biggest galleries has removed a pre-Raphaelite painting to ‘prompt conversations’ about women’s bodies in art. Manchester Art Gallery announced that it was taking down John William Waterhouse’s 1896 work Hylas and the Nymphs, one of the most recognisable paintings of the Victorian-era movement, Metro reports.

The gallery’s curator of contemporary art, Clare Gannaway, said recent feminist movements such as the Time’s Up and #MeToo campaigns – which demands an end to women being harassed and sexually objectified – had influenced the gallery’s decision.

Facebook has been criticised for removing imagery of a nude statue of the god Neptune which has stood in a public square in Bologna, Italy, for centuries. It said the work was “sexually explicit.”

Likewise, imagery of the Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen, Denmark, was taken down for showing “too much bare skin.”