Asian Cardinal Bo: “Chinese Communist Party culpable for pandemic and should apologise”

Cardinal Charles Maung Bo, Archbishop of Yangon, whose country, Myanmar, borders China, has made a dramatic intervention in the international debate about the origins of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The Chinese Communist Party [CCP] regime is morally culpable” for the coronavirus pandemic. “What it has done and what it has not done” has “destroyed lives all over the world” and “the Chinese people are the first victim” of the virus, just as they are “the first victim of this repressive regime”.

This is the frank, direct and strong charge that the Archbishop of Yangon, Card. Charles Bomakes in a statement reported by AsiaNews.

From the charges for provoking the pandemic and requests for “apologies and [for] compensation for the destruction caused”, the cardinal examines the “criminal negligence and repression” of the Chinese communist regime, which stifles religious freedom, destroys thousands of churches, imprison Muslims in forced labor camps, practice the removal of organs from prisoners of conscience, suppresses the freedoms of lawyers, dissidents, intellectuals.


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