Austria wants a EU-wide ban on Erdogan rallies

Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz said the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was not welcome to hold rallies as this could increase friction and hinder integration.

In a foreign ministry statement, Mr Kurz said “we clearly reject bringing the Turkish campaign and polarisation to Austria“. Mr Kurz stressed that the Turkish leader was still welcome to visit for bilateral talks with senior officials.

Kurz was supported by Austrian Chancellor, Mr. Christian Kern, who suggested this Sunday to ban all Turkish electoral rallies in the European Union. It seems that the Netherlands could support this proposition.

Mr Erdogan is said to be planning to campaign in several European Union countries before the vote on 16 April, when a referendum on granting him broad new powers under an executive presidential system will take place. “Your behaviours aren’t different from the Nazi’s” reacted Mr. Erdogan.

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