Austrian Chancellor suggests ending EU accession talks with Turkey

Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern said on Wednesday that he would start a discussion among European heads of government to quit talks with Turkey about joining the European Union because of the country’s democratic and economic deficits. (Reuters)

Speaking in an interview with the Austrian public broadcaster ORF , Kern said that Turkey’s economy is not in line with EU standards and criticized the measures the Turkish government took after the failed coup attempt. (Sputnik News)

Mr Kern said: “I reject the the Turkish president’s claim that Austrians with Turkish roots have had their right to free speech cut. I see this statement as an attempt to fuel emotions and to spread cheap propaganda.” (Express)

Christian Kern said he will not bow to “intimidation” from Turkey after receiving online death threats as tensions rise between the EU and Ankara, in comments published on Aug. 2. on Hurryiet News.

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