Barroso to forfeit Brussels red-carpet treatment – Is it enough?

European Commission President  Juncker said: “As for taking up his employment, Mr Barroso will be received in the commission not as a former president but as an interest representative and will be submitted to the same rules.” Any EU commissioner or official will be required to register and maintain notes of any dealings with him. (Financial Times)

In July, Goldman Sachs hired former EU chief José Manuel Barroso as top advisor.

A petition signed by more than 130,000 people called for the suspension of his pension allowance as former President of the European Commission for the period of his employment at Goldman Sachs and beyond.

French European Affairs Minister Harlem Desir said: “Morally, politically, ethically, it’s a mistake on the part of Mr. Barroso and the worst disservice that a former Commission president could do to the European project at a moment in history when it needs to be supported and strengthened. Mr Barroso is now helping the anti-Europeans with this matter, I am calling him officially to renounce to this position.”

In a letter to Commission President Juncker, also the EU Watchdog Ms O’Reilly asks the Commission to explain what measures it has taken to check whether the appointment conforms with ethics obligations in the Treaty, whether he has, or will, request an opinion of the Ad Hoc Ethical Committee and whether the Commission is considering reforming the Commissioners’ Code of Conduct.