Black islamic flags already waiving in Europe

Bosnia. Not Syria.

In the heart of the Balkans, close to European boarders, you can clearly see black flags representing Islamic sabers. (See pictures from “Il Giornale” reportage here)

The Bosnian village Gornja Maoca is 700 km from Wien (Austria), 600 from Trieste (Italy) and only 500 km from Lubjiana (Slovenia). 

We are in Europe, not in the Middle East.

“Loosing a son is horrible but Insha’Allah (if  Allah wills), I am fine”, says a father of a Bosnian kamikaze dead in Iraq.

Italian ambassador to Bosnia Herzegovina declared to one of the most important Italian war reporter Fausto Biloslavo: “According to authorities, 160 foreign fighters left Bosnia to fight in Syria and Iraq but according to U.S. sources, they are around 340″.

“We live for Allah and we are ready to die for Allah” says another woman in the city of Buzim.

See full reportage on “Il Giornale“.

In August 2014, British Prime Minister David Cameron suggested that anybody displaying the black standard in the United Kingdom should be arrested. (BBC)

It has also been banned from a public demonstration in the Netherlands in August 2014. (Irish Times)

Also Germany and Austria banned ISIS flags for non educational proposes (New York TimesThe Local Austria)

See interviews here:




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