Brussels Art: Solo exhibition of contemporary art at Victor Horta’s Hôtel Tassel

Title: Les Passages _ Tassel

Artist: Alessandra Spigai

Curated by David Dalla Venezia e Peter Iancovich

Location: Tassel House, Paul Emile Janson Street 6, 1000 Brussels, Belgium


From 2nd of June to 15th of June 2016

Opening wednesday 1st of June 2016, at 6 PM

Open from 5 PM to 7 PM on appointment


Alessandra Spigai’s solo exhibition “Les Passages_Tassel” premiers in Brussels on June 1stat Victor Horta’s Hôtel Tassel. The exhibition displays works about the research themes developed in the last two years of the artist’s working.


The setup for the exhibit Les Passages was imagined by Alessandra Spigai in situ, while on the premises of the prestigious town house. Inspired by the building’s architectural details, the sinuous and coiling contours of the emblematic Art Nouveau decorations created by Victor Horta at the end of the Nineteenth Century – the artist then perfected her imaginings in her Trieste atelier adapting them to her own conceptual investigations.

Passageways, much like extraordinary gates, instances of evolution, are among the key motifs in Alessandra Spigai’s work. The title of the exhibit echoes the artist’s multidimensional reading of them.

The passing from one room to the next takes place as the viewers follow and connect to the works of art in an unequivocal journey of internal growth and introspection, which culminates in a profound transformation and the understanding of the gate’s ultimate purpose.


Through a free-flow of interlocking media -from sculptures to paintings, to drawings and installations- Alessandra Spigai endeavors to express her views on ‘continuous transmutation’ and ‘personal development’, even drawing on esotericism as a privileged field of investigation.

Her works disclose traces of hermeticism and initiatory alchemy, which refine the search into personal truth: doors, physical and temporal gates that must be traversed in order for us to become something different, something new.


Alessandra Spigai, born in Italy, 1967, living and working in Trieste.

She’s an artist eclectic and restless. There are no limits to her artistic expression: painting, sculpture, photography, graphics and poetry lead to a complexed production of artworks scanning all the time the deepest meaning of life and human being.



Peter Iancovich Gallery




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