Brussels attack: the reaction in the International press

With Brussels Blasts, Jihadists Strike Heart of a Fraying Europe. (Bloomberg)

Brussels attacks: Belgium, corrupt and fragmented, is a breeding ground for extremism. (Telegraph)

What we know about airport and metro attacks. (BBC)

Brussels attacks ‘were accelerated after Abdeslam’s arrest’. (France24)

Des comptes djihadistes diffusent de fausses informations pour ajouter à la panique. (Le Monde)

Merkel expresses pride in ‘European values’ after Brussels bombings. (Deutsche Welle)

Spain maintains level four terror alert after Brussels blasts. (El Pais)

Brussels: the diary of a day of terror. (Corriere della Sera)

Belgium: Europe’s front line in the war on terror. (CNN)

Attacks in Brussels: Political cause or religious fanaticism? (Russia Today)

Deadly attacks hit Europe’s heart. (People’s Daily China)