Cambridge put ‘trigger warnings’ on Shakespeare’s comedies because ‘too shocking’

The “trigger warnings” – red triangles with an exclamation mark – appeared on English lecture timetables of Cambridge University including the plays of William Shakespeare. Why? Lectures contain  ‘too shocking’ materials such as “discussion of sexual violence and sexual assault”, the BBC‘s Newsnight programme has learned.

Academics have expressed concern that colleges trying to protect young adults from certain issues may render them incapable of dealing with real life when they graduate.  Supporters of trigger warnings say they serve to help students who may be upset if a text reminds them of a personal traumatic experience.

It is an unprecedented wave of cultural nihilism, fed by digital socialism and historic sense of guilt, which is tearing apart our civilization and culture more efficiently than Islamic fundamentalism. We created a comfort zone in which the West is committing suicide,” writes Giulio Meotti, Italian joursnalit of Il Foglio.