Cannes: red carpet for the movie glorifying Munich 1972 Palestinian terrorists

Ilana Romano, whose husband weightlifter Yossef Romano was murdered in the Munich Olympics massacre in 1972, refused to appear in a new documentary titled “Munich: A Palestinian Story,” which purports to present the Palestinian point-of-view of the attack, because the film director insisted on calling the murderers “freedom fighters,” Ynet writes. The movie is set to be presented during Cannes film festival 2016.

What happened in Munich 1972 Olympic Games?

The Munich Massacre was a terrorist attack during the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich (Germany). Eight Palestinian terrorists killed two members of Israeli Olympic team and then took nine others hostage. The situation was ended by a huge gunfight that left five of the terrorists and all of the nine hostages dead. Following the massacre, the Israeli government organized a retaliation against Black September, called Operation Wrath of God. (History 1900)