Cardinal Leo Burke: “Problem of persecution of Christians not only in Middle East but also in the West”

In 2016, Christians are still persecuted in many parts of the world, in Iraq, land of Abraham, for example. But they are persecuted also in the West, where Christians are prohibited to follow their faith, such as resisting abortion and euthanasia,” says Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke in an interview with Fausto Biloslavo for Gli Occhi della Guerra.

Cardinal Burke is an Archbishop and also serves as the patron of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.

When the Italian war reporter asks the Cardinal, if the European Union closes its eyes on the persecution of Christians because it wants to be politically correct, the Cardinal replies: “It’s clear that Muslim people have as their final target to conquer the power. Islam, through Sharia, wants to govern the world and to allow violent act against infidels, like against the Christians. We struggle to recognize this truth and to react defending Christian faith.”

There is a plan to eradicate Christians from certain countries as in Iraq and Syria. (…) In certain Muslim countries it’s forbidden to build a church or profess your faith in public” – continues the Cardinal.

I really appreciate Putin’s pro-life and pro-family policies. Probably he understood something that he ignored 30 years ago (when he was a member of the KGB)“, the Cardinal concluded.

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