Censorship in Italy: Nude statue covered with a veil not to offend Muslims

The nudity of a statue of Epaminons, Theban general and statesman of the 4th centruy BC, has been covered with a veil not to offend Muslims who had a conference on interreligious dialogue of the Islamic Confederation of Italy in the same palace of Savona (Italy) where the exposition of the Italian artist Mario Capelli is held, La Stampa reports. A picture of a woman washing herself was also reportedly removed after the inspection of a muslim delegation. The author of the art piece denounced the censor on his Facebook page. The Islamic community denies all the accusations: “We didn’t ask to remove the picture also because we wouldn’t have seen it and we put a cover on the statue to reconstruct the ancient tea ceremony.  We represent the moderate Islam. We do not want to remove crucifixes or to cover nudity of statues,” says Lahcen Chamseddine president of the Islamic community of Liguria as La Stampa reported.