Children wearing make up to celebrate Gay Pride at summer camp sparks protest in Italy

Parents found their children wearing make up at the end of the day during a summer camp in Casalecchio di Reno, a small city close to Bologna in Italy.

They attended a “laboratory of painting and writing oriented to the homosexual word,” as reported by Il Resto del Carlino. The parents found their 2-5 years old children wearing make up with signs reading: “Today we painted our face to celebrate the gay pride.”

“It’s not the age to understand certain things,” one of the mother commented. “Some parents mights also agree but doing this without parental accord is not appropriate,” another mother said.

“I don’t think it is an appropriate initiative because these issues are very controversial,” member of Italian Parliament Galeazzo Bignami (Forza Italia, EPP) said to Il Giornale. “I will prepare a written question for the Ministry of Education,” he also stated.