China: authorities raid church’s summer camp

China Aid — Chinese police and religion bureau officials raided Gushi house church’s summer camp. Authorities accused Christians of organizing religious events without authorization. Gushi is a county of 1,023,857 people directly governed by Henan province, People’s Republic of China. It is administered by the prefecture-level city of Xinyang.

Officials invaded the church and confiscated personal as well as church property. Officers took the pastor and his wife to the police station.

Pic @ China Aid

Wang Guangming, church leader, said authorities did not show legal documents to support their “law enforcement” actions. One church attendant stated that plain clothes police and religious bureau officials affirmed they received “the report from folks.”

Earlier in August, Gushi Town Ethnic and Religious Affairs Administration issued an official notice encouraging citizens to report “illegal” (not government approved) religious events. The administration offers approximately 500 yuan ($73.00 U.S.) as an incentive for residents to report “illegal” religious meeting locations and activities.