China’s 88 million Communist party to have crucial congress to decide nation’s future

China’s 88 millions Communist Party to have 19th Party congress on Wednesday, 18th October. National policies and party’s top leadership will be decided by 2,300 delegates in Beijing.

“It’s not Game of Thrones,” Chinese media People’s Daily titles underlying the distorted picture of how China’s political system works in the Western media.

Especially for Europe and the Western world will be key to understand the next steps of People’s Republic of China in foreign policy and its strategy for the Belt and Road Initiative.

“The National Congress creates a five-year roadmap for the nation,” writes Chengliang Wu. The main goal will be to set up a plan to eradicate poverty by 2020 in a country with a population of about one fifth of the global total.

According to data, China has lifted at least 65 million people out of poverty, about equal to the entire population of the United Kingdom. And the remaining 40 million of Chinese living in poverty will be eradicated by 2020.

 Chinese President Xi Jinping Monday said all Chinese should make persistent efforts to realize the country’s two centenary goals and fulfil the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation.

Xi, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, made the remarks when visiting an exhibition here displaying China’s outstanding achievements over the past five years.

The congress will be held in a decisive moment while Cine is getting ready to welcome U.S. President Donald Trump later this year.

Trump’s visit in November will decide the future relationship between U.S. and China. Chinese President Xi Jinping invited Trump to pay a state visit to China when the two leaders met for the first time at Trump’s golf resort in Florida in April.

It’s clear that the two superpowers don’t agree on every issues but that’s why it is important to continue to negotiate to handle the differences.