Christians fleeing persecution face violence all over again in Sweden

Not in Raqqa or Mosul but in Europe. Christians fleeing persecution face violence all over again in Sweden. After the case of Germany where federal police recorded almost 100 attacks against Christians in 2017 , 123 cases have been reported also in Sweden.

 53 percent of persecuted Christian asylum-seekers interview in Sweden by the Christian NGO Open Doors, reported that they had been attacked violently at least once because of their Christian faith. Almost half, 45 percent, reported that they had received at least one death threat, and 6 percent reported that they had  been sexually assaulted.















More than half of all participants in the survey (53 %) reported that they have been affected by violent assaults at least once, due to their Christian faith. Almost half of all participants (45 %) in the survey reported that they have been threatened to death at least once and 6 % reported that they have been a target of sexual assaults.

The majority of the participants in the survey (96 %) have experienced threats, violence and harassment at the hand of other refugees or immigrants. Almost one out of four (23 %) have been affected by some kind of religiously motivated persecution by translators/interpreters and one out of five (20 %) have experienced this at the hands of other parties,

Below see concrete example mentioned by National Review:

Last month the Christian daily Världen idag reported that an asylum-seeker who had converted from Islam was attacked when exiting a Pentecostal church in Karlstad on Sunday, February 11. The church is now taking safety precautions for its other converts.

Or take the example of Amir (not his real name), a Christian refugee from Syria. In 2015, he lived at a refugee home in eastern Sweden. According to a local newspaper, a 26 year-old, a jihadist who was also from Syria and lived in the same refugee home, threatened to “slaughter” Amir and cut his throat and harm his family back in Syria. “I fled the war to avoid this kind of thing,” Amir told police when they responded to the emergency callThe man who threatened him was eventually sentenced to probation and fined 8,000 kronor (around $900) in damages.

In Stockholm, a new Christian convert was stabbed by fellow asylum-seekers on the same day he was to be baptized. He was to be baptized in the church that one of the authors of this article, Jacob Rudenstrand, belongs to. He had recently begun wearing a cross.