Cologne NYE attack: reactions in the German press

Chancellor Merkel’s CDU has released its plan for the future of Germany. The proposal includes stricter penalities for refugees who commit crimes in the wake of a string of sexual crimes in the city of Cologne. (Deutsche Welle)

More than 600,000 asylum applications from 2015 have not yet been processed, Frank-Jürgen Weise told politicians during a party convention of the conservative Bavarian CSU in Wildbad Kreuth, Bavaria. “We have 360,000 applications that have not been processed yet. We assume that some people have registered but not filed their application yet, probably another 300,000,” he said. (Handelsblatt)

Difficult days are ahead. And they beg a couple of clear questions: Is Germany really sure that it can handle the influx of refugees? And: Does Germany really have the courage and the desire to become the country in Europe with the greatest number of immigrants? These are the questions asked by Der Spiegel

The men who attacked women in Cologne on New Year’s Eve have internalized an Islamist fundamentalist view of women, says Lale Akgün, an expert on Islam-German relations to Deutsche Welle. But that view has no place in German society.