Denmark shocked by multiple terrorist attacks

The whole Denmark has been shaken by a recent terrorist attack that has happened in Copenhagen on the 14th of February. Instead of a St. Valentine’s day of joy and happiness, there were two different attacks on Saturday.

The first attack has caused one death, while three policemen were injured. This happened before a debate where one of the panelist was the controversial cartoonist Lars Vilks, a worldwide famous author. In 2007, Vilks draw some cartoons with the traits of the prophet Muhammad on the body of a dog. These pictures ignited a vast series of protests in many Muslim countries.

A few hours later, there was a second attack to a synagogue in Copenhagen: this time a man opened fire nearby the temple, killing one guard and wounding two other police officers.

Some hours later, around 5 am, in a third area of the city, the alleged attacker was spotted by some police units. After the officers shouted at him, the suspect opened fire against the officers and then he was killed; according to many sources, there is a high probability that this man has been the responsible of the attacks.

Right now (Sunday evening) the Danish Authorities have only revealed the age of this person (22) but not the name. He was born in Denmark, and according to some sources he was already know by the Danish Police. (Le Monde)

“A cynical act”

There has been an immediate reaction of the Danish Authorities: despite the high number of officers wounded (five in one day), the Danish Police has been able to react quickly and managed the situation without any other casualty. In these hours the different data are analysed by the Danish Police in cooperation with the PET, the Danish Security and Intelligence Service. It will be important to understand if the attacker was alone of he acted together along with some other people. According to the first analyses, the young attacker seems more a “lone-wolf” (as said by The Time, individual with no clear link to terrorist groups“. He could have been motivated by the last events in Paris. At the moment, the Danish Authorities are considering all the options.

The Prime Minister of Denmark, Ms. Helle Thorning-Schmidt, said that these events have been “a cynical act of terror against Denmark” and she immediately expressed her solidarity to the Danish Jewish community. (BBC)

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu urged Jews to move to Israel: “Once again Jews are murdered on the soil of Europe just for being Jews”. (The Times of Israel)

The rest of the available news are summarized in the following press report of the Danish Police, released on the evening of the 15th February.

According to the Police there are not “further information to add at this moment, but will return with further information when significant new information is available”.