Despite International call to stop surrogacy, Italian court recognises homosexual couple as dads of 2 surrogate-born kids

A Trento court has recognized, for the first time in Italy, that both members of a gay couple can be considered the fathers of children born abroad via a surrogate mother. The case regards a couple who had two children born via surrogate maternity in the United States, ANSA reported.

European Parliament and Council of Europe rejected surrogacy in 2016.

In Italy, the than Minister of Interior Angelino Alfano (now Foreign Minister) said: “Surrogate parents should be treated as sex offenders and sent to prison” and 50 Italian lesbian and activist women signed a document against surrogacy. It was one of the first document proposed by the LGBT community “to refuse the commercialisation of women’s body.”  The promoters say the document should not be considered as prohibitionist, but against the possibility of buying and selling human beings.


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