Diane James quits as Ukip leader after just 18 days as successor to Nigel Farage

Ukip leader Diane James has quit the role after just 18 days, sources have said. Ms James said on Tuesday night that she does not “have sufficient authority, nor the full support” of Ukip MEPs and officers to reform party. (Telegraph)

UKIP chairman Paul Oakden said: “I will now look to convene an emergency meeting of our national executive committee to confirm the process for electing Diane’s replacement. “Whilst the decision is unfortunate, it is one that Diane is entitled to make. We thank her for all her work as leader, and as a hard-working MEP, a role she will continue with her customary vigour.” (BBC)

Discussions are taking place within the party about holding a snap two-week election to install a new leader quickly, with former deputy Paul Nuttall and disqualified former candidate Steven Woolfe two possible candidates. (Guardian)