Dream holidays? Team Building? Tailored made weekend? The Most Epic Holidays in the World – Luxury Adventure in Europe


From comforting breaks to action-packed holidays, The Life Dreams provides everything that you or your team need for a truly unique break from the office.

Flying with Red Bull athletes, Dog sledding, ice climbing, off-road driving, skydiving, wakeboarding, heli-skiing, and many more activities are available for fun team-building weekends or exciting holidays.

This is the first and only company in the world to offer such a wide range of extreme activities monitored by professionals and world champions in their sports.

3“Since I was a kid I always loved practicing sports. I remember spending weekends in the mountains, where I would go with my friends to practice my favorite sports: heli-skiing, rock climbing and trekking to name a few. When I was practicing these activities I felt amazing, and once I got back to the city I realized that these trips filled me with  energy.

Later on, as the years passed, I decided to turn this passion into something more than just a personal pleasure, and that’s when I decided to share these experiences with other people. All of my friends that came to visit me from foreign countries such as the UK, Austria, USA and Australia, loved the experiences they had during these adventure holidays, and that was the moment when I decided to create Life Dreams.

I decided to provide everyone with the opportunity to live these amazing experiences by sharing the local knowledge my friends and I had acquired over two decades of amazing times together. Our ultimate goal is to ensure you have fantastic experiences with us that will provide you with incredible memories that last a lifetime,” Edoardo Giglio, CEO of The Life Dreams tells to The European Post.

Watch the video to see the opportunities you can live: