Egypt admits: “90% of Fatwas aim to discriminate and exclude Christians from society”

The Fatwa monitoring observatory at Egypt’s Dar al Ifta al Misryah has recently monitored and scrutinized more than 5500 online Fatwas disdaining the Christians, Fides new Agengy reveals.

In a new study, the Fatwa monitoring observatory at Egypt’s Dar al-Iftaa revealed that 90% of the rulings included in the radicals’ Fatwas prohibit and discourage dealing with the Christians. The study also affirms that such extremist Fatwas aim to exclude the Christians from the society and instill the seeds of discord among people that eventually lead to tearing apart the carefully woven fabric of the Egyptian community.

In the lights of these data, Pope Francis trip to Egypt (28-29 April) would be the occasion to make a stand in defense of persecuted Christians.

In the last month, hundreds of members of Egypt’s Coptic Christian minority have fled the Sinai Peninsula to Ismailia city, 115km northeast of the capital Cairo, following a series of killings by a local ISIS armed group.

An Egyptian Christian was burned alive by ISIS in northeastern Sinai, according to an Egyptian security source who specified that the alleged ISIS jihadists used a firearm to kill another Coptic Christian.

While in December 25 Christians were killed in a deadly attack against St Mark’s Cathedral, the main Coptic Christian church in Egypt.