Éléonore Laloux, the candidate with Down’s syndrome who conquered France

A woman in northern France is expected to become the country’s first town councillor with Down’s syndrome after elections next week.

Éléonore Laloux, 34, a hospital administrator, has been chosen by Frédéric Leturque, mayor of the city of Arras, 115 miles north of Paris, to stand for election on his team of candidates after watching her adapt to her disability over two decades. “I saw how she made a success of school then her work. She is a local personality,” he said, as reported by The Times.

For years, Laloux has fought for people with Down Syndrome and other disabilities to be able to live happier and more productive lives as fully integrated members of society.

“If I were to see Emmanuel Macron, I would tell him: ‘I have something to say to you — I would like us to talk a bit more about people with disabilities and above all about their inclusion’,” she said of the French president.

“Now I am fighting for inclusion. Handicapped people have their place in society.”

As a young girl, Laloux’s parents refused to place her in a special needs school, instilling in their daughter a self-belief that would later help her overcome bullies and secure a job as an administrator in a private hospital.