Erdogan visits Brussels – Reactions on International Press

Turkey’s Erdoğan calls on EU to share refugee burden and calls for no-fly zones. He recalled that Turkey currently hosts 2.2 million refugees from Syria and 200,000 refugees from Iraq, while Europe as a whole hosts fewer than 250,000 refugees in total. (Hurriyet News)

NATO-ally Turkey has had strained relations with Brussels over its stalled EU membership bid, but the situation in Syria is pushing both sides to engage in realpolitik. (Reuters)

As part of any possible pact, Erdoğan pressed for a relaxation in visa requirements for Turks travelling to Europe. He also wants the EU to list Turkey as “a safe third country”, effectively whitewashing Ankara’s increasingly repressive policies and deteriorating human rights and media freedoms record. (Guardian)

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said on Monday during his visit in Brussels that Turkey’s spending of $7.5 billion on sheltering about 2 million Syrian refugees in the country was not “sustainable”, criticizing the European Union’s inaction regarding the crisis. He said, of the $7.5 billion, Turkey had only received $417 million in foreign aid. (Daily Sabah)