EU accepts Bosnia Herzegovina’s membership application but what about ISIS flags already waiving there?

The European Union’s 28 member states on Tuesday accepted Bosnia Herzegovina’s membership application, taking a step forward in what is certain to be a long process that Sarajevo hopes will eventually give it a place in the bloc. (Reuters)

The European Commission will now send a questionnaire to Bosnia seeking thousands of answers about its suitability to join.  It will assess Bosnia’s economy, the state of democracy in the country, its adherence to the rule of law and human rights, and its ability to respect the obligations of membership. (The Independent)

But what about Bosnia Herzegovina’s problems to face Islam fundamentalisms and ISIS threat?

1427697429-1427697206-bandiera-nera-sulla-moschea-gornjaItalian war reporter Fausto Biloslavo interviewed different people in the village of Gornja Maoca for “Gli Occhi della Guerra“:  “Loosing a son is horrible but Insha’Allah (if  Allah wills), I am fine”, says a father of a Bosnian kamikaze dead in Iraq. To be noted that the village of Gornja Maoca is 700 km from Wien (Austria), 600 from Trieste (Italy) and only 500 km from Lubjiana (Slovenia). 

We live for Allah and we are ready to die for Allah” says another woman in the Bosnian city of Buzim.

1427697429-1427697208-bandiera-nera-gornja-maocaRadical Islamists have found a new refuge in Bosnia. They recruit fighters, promote jihad and preach a fundamentalist interpretation of Islam — just across the border from the European Union, according to Der Spiegel.

Isis produced a recruitment video, targeting the Balkans region and Bosnia and Herzegovina in particular. The 20-minute film, entitled Honour is in Jihad, features several Bosnian Isis fighters exhorting their fellow countrymen to join the battle in Syria or carry out opportunistic attacks on perceived enemies of Islam at home. (The Guardian)

You can find more picture on “Gli Occhi della Guerra