EU and Russia against Trump’s decision not to certify Iran deal

U.S. President Donald Trump struck a blow against the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement on Friday in defiance of other world powers, choosing not to certify that Tehran is complying with the deal and warning he might ultimately terminate it, Reuters reported.

“We cannot afford as the international community to dismantle a nuclear agreement that is working,” said EU High Representative for Foreign Policy Mogherini. “This deal is not a bilateral agreement, this is not an international treaty so it is clearly not in the hands of any president of any country in the world to terminate an agreement of this sort,” she continued.

The leaders of France, Germany and the United Kingdom ‘took note of President Trump’s decision not to certify Iran’s compliance with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action to Congress” and expressed all their concerns for the possible implications.”

Also the Kremlin judged ‘extremely negative’ the possibility of U.S. quitting Iran nuclear deal. “Certainly, this will damage the atmosphere of predictability, security, stability and non-proliferation in the entire world,” President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov told a conference call with reporters.