‘EU can learn from Israel to counter terrorism”, MEP says

“Israel’s past is a history of a permanent fight against terror and EU can learn from their achievements to counter terrorism,” MEP Bas Belder (European Christian Political Movement, ECR) said during conference on “Terrorism and Security: What EU can learn from Israel” at the European Parliament last week.

15443180_10154381402614317_5128112715708043884_oThe conference was organised by The European Christian Political Movement (ECPM) in collaboration with the European Coalition for Israel (ECI) and attended by more than 200 persons including MEPs Arne Gericke, Branislav Skripek and Marek Jurek.

“At a time when terrorism and matters of security have become critical concerns internationally, it is of the utmost importance that Israeli and European leaders work together to maintain safety and security,” MK Yehiel Hilik Bar, Deputy Speaker of The Knesset in Israel, also stated.

I believe that the EU can learn a lot from Israel, not only on the field of anti-terrorism and security. Therefore an even stronger collaboration between Israel and the European Union is needed on all kinds of different areas,” concluded Leo Van Doesburg, EU Affairs Director of ECPM.


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