EU-Turkey deal in the international press

Migrants given 24-hour deadline to reach Europe after Turkey and EU agree ‘historic’ deal. (Telegraph)

Amnesty International has accused European leaders of “double speak” over a deal which will see Europe-bound migrants returned to Turkey. (BBC)

Acting PM Mariano Rajoy refusing to appear in Congress over EU-Turkey deal. (El Pais)

The EU’s grubby and dangerous deal with Turkey. (Deutsche Welle)

Cardinal Pietro Parolin (Vatican) said: “we should feel it humiliating to shut doors, as if humanitarian law, won with such toil by our Europe, no longer has a place here.” (Corriere della Sera)

French President Hollande said: “Every migrant or refugee who comes to Europe will be sent back to Turkey, but in respect  of international law.” (Le Monde)

The European Commission appointed Maarten Verwey to oversee the EU preparations, expanding his role as Brussels’ on-the-ground point man on the refugee crisis in Greece. (Financial Times)