EU-Turkish row: European Christian Political Movement asks EU to stop accession talks

EU-Turkey row intensifies as Dutch will vote on Wednesday in an election that was seen as a test of anti-immigrant sentiment.

Turkey’s President has warned the Netherlands will “pay the price” after two of his ministers were barred from addressing Turkish expats in the country. In response Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan decried the Dutch as “Nazi remnants”, while Prime Minister Binali Yildirim has threatened “harsh” retaliation.

EU called on Turkey to refrain from excessive statements and actions that risk exacerbating the situation with Netherlands, and today the European Christian Political Movement, calls on the European Union to stop accession talks with Turkey.

“The comparison with the Nazi atrocities is unacceptable, especially as the events took place in Rotterdam, a city that suffered greatly from a Nazi bombardment in 1940.The fact that the Turkish government questions the Dutch democracy is ironic. After the attempted ‘coupe d’état’ in July 2016, numerous Turkish citizens were held in prisons without a fair trial and the freedom of press is was more restricted than it already was before the attempted coup. Furthermore, Turkish law forbids campaigning abroad. With this authoritarian behaviour by the Turkish president and government, it is clear that Turkey is far from ready to join the EU” 

For these reasons, ECPM, which counts six Members of the European Parliament, calls on the EU to stop accession talks with Turkey immediately and and to stop the pre-accession funding, for 2014-2020 the amount of €4,453.9 million.