Europe divided over migrant crisis: reactions from EU member states


Home Affairs Minsiter Theresa May: Free EU movement ‘for those with jobs’. (BBC)

Governments divided over how to deal with unprecedented migration to the EU, with states increasingly blaming each other. (The Guardian)



Record numbers of asylum seekers have arrived in southern Germany, including Munich where volunteers rushed to help. Protests erupted at a Hungary train station after authorities stopped people heading to western Europe. (Deutsche Welle)


French Prime Minister Manuel Valls called for a unified response to Europe’s migrant crisis during a visit to Calais on Monday, while European authorities announced that they are giving France €5 million to build a new refugee camp in the port city. (France24)


“It will take months, but we will have a single European policy on asylum, not as many policies as there are (EU) countries,” Renzi said, adding that the rising death toll among refugees was pushing EU states to confront the problem. Italy often complained of not receiving enough support from its EU partners. (Corriere della Sera, Reuters)


Spain’s conservative prime minister Mariano Rajoy says his country is open to spreading out arriving refugees among the European Union’s 28 nations, but isn’t committing to take in more than the 2,739 it already has pledged to accept. (El Pais, The Republic)


Hungary says anti-migrant barrier along Serb border complete. (Al Arabiya)


Italy has been found to be in breach of international law over its treatment of migrants, in a case that could have widespread ramifications for EU asylum law. (Irish Times)


Poland has already diluted its resistance to Berlin’s demands and said it would take in more refugees. The country’s nationalist right is tipped to win elections next month, however, and the centre-right government in Warsaw sees its scope for concessions as limited during an election campaign. (The Guardian)