Europe needs a “climate change on religious freedom,” says EU Special Envoy

“Freedom of religion and belief is a condition of good governance, important for believers and non-believers, and it is a civilizational objective and criterion, representing freedom of thought, conscience, religion,” EU Special Envoy for Religious Freedom Jan Figel stated in an event “”Inventory of religious freedom” in Brussels.

Figel then stressed that “we need a climate change on religious freedom.” 

Figel underscored that “religious freedom for decades was a neglected, abandoned, misinterpreted human right.” 

Mentioning Pew Forum figures, Figel said that “today, 79% of the global population lives in countries with high or very high obstacles against freedom of religion or belief.” 

Jan Figel was chosen as the EU special envoy for religious freedom in May 2016 after a resolution of the European Parliament.

He was particularly involved in the case of the liberation of Asia Bibi, the Pakistan Christian mother who was accused of blasphemy in Pakistan.

He is also the promoter of the Declaration on Human Dignity for Everyone Everywhere signed in Punte del Este in December 2018.