European Commission: the only Italian left Juncker’s cabinet in contrast with Head of Cabinet Selmayr. Gozi: “Unacceptable”

The only Italian member of the cabinet of the European Commission President Juncker left on January 2nd in an open contrast with the Head of Cabinet Martin Selmayr, a German nationality EU officer.

Carlo Zanda has been the member of the cabinet in charge of immigration, justice and internal affairs but Selmayr gave instead to a British officer the “strategic coordinator “role on these competences.

The Italian Minister for European Affairs Sandro Gozi labeled this decision as not acceptable and claimed it as an issue of political opportunity. This case has come after Italian PM Renzi strongly criticized German Chancellor Angela Merkel on her decisions over EU policies.

(Il Fatto Quotidiano, Corriere della Sera)

Today, EU Spokesperson said that “the idea of using the media to do politics on personnel is not a good one. We are an interinstitutional civil service that works for the benefit of everybody, so we are not the aggregate of the member states. we leave our passports at the door of the Berlaymont”