European Parliament calls for ‘immediate’ triggering of Brexit

During the European Parliament plenary on EU referendum, main EU political leaders and parties said:

  • “Look at how beautiful it is when history succeeds”, Marine Le Pen (ENF), the Front National leader, tells MEPs.
  • More countries will follow the UK out of the EU, says Farage (EFDD).
  • “EU cannot be held hostage by Cameron. We must define new relationship with UK, ASAP” says Gianni Pittella (Socialists)
  • Syed Kamall (ECR): “I hope all British politicians can unite in stating that Britain will always remain an open, tolerant & global nation”
  • Guy Verhofstadt (ALDE): Triggering article 50 isn’t punishment for those who voted to leave. It’s respecting choice of majority of British people.
  • Manfred Weber (EPP) closes debate saying: “Neither Nigel Farage nor Le Pen have an answer to the uncertainty after Brexit.

European Greens stated: “It is essential that the European Parliament (as the directly-elected body representing European citizens) is centrally involved in any negotiations with the UK government on the implementation of the referendum outcome.

ECPM (European Christian Political Movement) also said: “If the lesson of Brexit is not to be wasted, the EU must realise that its purpose is to serve its peoples, rather than the ideologies and priorities of euro-elites, who have insulated themselves from the desires of the people. In order to do this the EU should fully respect Member States’ national identities, cultures and constitutional traditions. Subsidiarity is the leading principle in this respect.”

Juncker responding to an ironic applause by UKIP MEPs: “It’s last time you are applauding here. I am surprised you are here. Why did you come?