Eurosceptic 5 Star Movement (Beppe Grillo) first party in Italy, survey finds

Beppe Grillo‘s movement would be the first Italian party, overtaking PD (Socialists) with 32% of consensus, according to a new survey by Demos.

5 Star Movement won in two of the most important Italian cities (Rome and Turin) in the last administrative election in Italy.

Demos for Repubblica:

  • 5 Star Movement (EFDD): 32%
  • Partito Democratico (S&D): 30%
  • Lega Nord (ENF): 11,8%
  • Forza Italia (EPP): 11,5%
  • Fratelli d’Italia (-): 3%

With the new electoral system, the runoff would see 5 Star Movement winning against PD (54,7% vs. 45,3%)