EU’s Jan Figel to Donald Trump: “USA must call upon the United Nations to take action to stop genocides”

Generations of American leaders have been confronted with the savagery of genocide and have failed to take appropriate action. If the scenes emerging from Aleppo show us anything, it is that the Trump administration must now grapple with this legacy and simply put, do better. The United States, through its executive branch, must call upon the United Nations to take action,” EU Special Envoy for Religious Freedom Jan Figel and Mark Goldfeder, Director for the Restoring Religious Freedom Project at the Emory University Center write on CNN.

Current systematic murdering, torture, enslaving, kidnapping, raping and persecution of religious and ethnic minorities on territories dominated by ISIS constitute the very same type of top crime – genocide. This position was strongly expressed by parliamentary bodies of Council of Europe, EU, USA, UK and Australia. Therefore here a very timely and alarming question comes: Shall the century of genocides end or continue?

9037412632_a79393c9d7_bWhich group and territory, after Christians, Yezidis, Shia-Muslims and some other communities in Iraq and Syria, will follow next time? Answer is crucially important and commitment is decisive. I am sure with many like-minded, that better century is possible. Better, more human century is our moral obligation!” Jan Figel wrote for The European Post on International Day of Religious Freedom (October 27)

US Secretary of State John Kerry found in March 2016 Islamic State committing genocide against Christian, Yazidis, Shiites. (The European Post)

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