First official refugee and migrant shelter opens in French capital

A refugee and migrant shelter with beds for 400 single men opened Thursday in northern Paris, part of an ongoing drive to take asylum-seekers off French streets after the demolition of the Calais “Jungle”. (France24)

In common with many European countries, France is struggling to deal with the number of migrants and makeshift camps regularly appear in Parisian streets and other public areas before being cleared by police. (WSJ)

The charity Emmaüs Solidarité is in charge of the centre, where it employs 120 staff members. Its general director, Bruno Morel, said that the “objective is to provide an alternative solution to makeshift camps”. “Starting today, migrants just arriving in Paris will have a place to rest and begin their asylum application,” he told RFI. “We provide lodging, meals and health services, particularly mental health as migrants have often been traumatised during their journey.”