For the first time in 800 years, Oxford eliminated the obligatory course on Christianity for theology students

Theology students at Oxford will no longer be required to study Christianity throughout the course for the first time in 800 years after undergraduates complained about lack of diversity. Changes are being made to the degree to mirror shifts in religious beliefs and culture in the wider British society, according to academics according to The Telegraph.

Don’t feel guilty about our colonial history“, Oxford Professor Nigel Biggar titled a column in The Times. He asked his colleagues and students to have “pride” in many aspects of their imperialist past but dozens of Oxford academics immediately united to condemn the “simple-minded” defense of British colonialism by the professor. Student associations also branded Biggar a “racist” and a “bigot”, and asked the university to suspend him, Italian journalist and author Giulio Meotti reminds.

Oxford changed its history curriculum because ‘too white’ and replaced ‘male, pale and stale’ images with gay, female and black icons.