France: 25% of Muslim schoolchildren refused to condemn Charlie Hebdo and Bataclan killings

Conducted in 21 inner-city schools in four cities over the course of two years, La Tentation Radicale [‘The radical temptation’] interviewed nearly 7,000 schoolchildren between the ages of 14 and 16, of whom 1,750 were Muslim.

“Muslims are returning strongly to religious observance, in contrast to the growing secularism of other young people,” said Olivier Galland, one of the authors, in an interview with Le Monde, something he says has created “a cultural divide between young Muslims and non-Muslims”.

This can be seen in the fact that 25 per cent of Muslim schoolchildren asked refused to condemn unequivocally the Charlie Hebdo killings of 2015, while 20 per cent believe it acceptable to bear arms to defend one’s religionThe report also revealed that 81 per cent of Muslims interviewed believed religion was right in explaining the world’s creation; 64 per cent didn’t regard homosexuality as a standard sexual practice; 69 per cent are opposed to the ban on girls wearing the headscarf to school; and 80 per cent believe religion shouldn’t be mocked.

Continue to red on The Spectator and on La Croix.


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