French intellectuals warn of islamist extremism’s threat

A group of 100 French intellectuals from different political ideologies recently published an Op-Ed in the French newspaper Le Figaro. Belonging to both the public and civil society, their goal is to raise awareness about the dangers of islamist separatism and extremism.

In this Op-Ed, they aim at building awareness that Islamic totalitarism is constantly growing using subversive methods. They point out that more and more examples are being seen in which propositions to split races are made by Islamic factions, thus organising a new form of apartheid violating democratic values. The authors underline the importance of the principles of public
secularism which preach disregard of religious particularities. Reversed racial segregation, through which a minority part of the population would isolate itself from the rest of the society, is against republican values and against what France fought for during the last century.

The trend for islamism to pass itself off as a victim of racism whenever objections are raised is described as a new political weapon. The article tends to explain that political islamism feels humiliated when not dominant. It also raises the issue of Muslim people who are attached to democratic values and who are struck by such attacks to the secular state and rejected when not
sharing the same opinions.

Eventually, the authors emphasise their unwillingness to live in a segregated society in which a certain part of the population feels insulted by the presence of another. They remind the readers of the importance of a secular society into which both men and women are able to leave harmoniously and where no religion pretends to rule the others.